July 2011

                            Fly Pattern: Periwinkle (Caddis Fly Larva)

              Tyer's Name: Karen Royer
              Date: July 5, 2011

    Fly Originator and History: A Karen Royer original.

                                       How the Fly is Fished
    Suggested line and leader: Floating line with a longer leader.
    Depth range: In the shallow parts of the stream. The fly will sink to 
    the bottom and tumble along with the current. 
    Suggested retrieve: Cast out towards the center and let the fly drift 
    towards the edge. 


    Hook - Size 6 Curved Hook 3x long
    Thread - 8/0 Black
    Abdomen - White Rabbit Dubbing, Shell and Seed beads
    Thorax - Black Rabbit Dubbing, Raffia 
    Legs - Feather Quills (stripped both sides)
    Head - Black Rabbit Dubbing, Raffia, Peacock Herl

Tie on 1/4 Inch back of eye and proceed to just before the bend. Tie in
1/8 Inch strip of raffia approximately 1 inch long.
Tie in 1/8 Inch strip of raffia approximately 1 inch long.
Dub on 1 inch, very sparse, heavily waxed black rabbit.
Create a small head by wrapping over the same location, creating a ball.
Pull raffia over the head and secure.
Pull raffia back and bring thread to just behind the head.
Dub on 1 inch of black rabbit and go forward and back 1/4 inch.
Attach 6 stripped feather quill legs (3 on each side) over dubbing.
Add 1 peacock herl and weave it back and forward between the legs.
Tie off peacock and trim any excess.
Pull the raffia forward over the peacock and legs. Tie off and trim.
Dub 1 inch of white rabbit in dubbing loop and twist tight. Build 1/4 inch
segmented body.
Cover the 1/4 inch white rabbit body section with UV gel glue and set.
Dub 2 inches of white rabbit on a waxed thread and build remainder of the
thorax. Go from UV gel glue section to eye and back. Half hitch off at this
Leave yourself 12 inches of thread before cutting off the bobbin. Thread on a
beading needle. You will be "sewing" on the beads beginning at this point.
Load the thread with about 1 inch of beads.
Holding the thread near the beads to keep them from sliding apart, wrap the
body with the 1 inch section. You will do this at least twice. Sew through the
dubbing at intervals to secure the beads more tightly. Wrap over and around
the beads with the thread to secure them to the body and situate them to
your liking.
Half hitch off when you are satisfied with the shell casing on your caddis and
secure the beads with head cement or enamel.
Heat your bodkin with a heat source and bend the legs into place.
Be careful not to get the bodkin too hot to prevent burning through a leg.
Trim off excess hackle when you are satisfied with the legs.
Color the raffia with a dark brown or black, waterproof artist’s pen.
Seal the head and body with a clear varnish or head cement.
Your Periwinkle is finished!


UV Light, UV Gel Glue, Clear Varnish, Charcoal Rabbit Dubbing, White Rabbit Dubbing, Shell Beads and Seed Beads, Heat Source, Beading Needle, Hook, Strip of Raffia, Feather Quills, Peacock Herl, Waterproof Art Pen, Scissors, Bodkin, Bobbin, Thread.

          Karen Royer 07/05/11