Carey Special

March 2015

Carey Special tied by John Wayne Sadler

	                           Fly Pattern: Carey Special
            Tyer's Name: John Wayne Sadler
            Date: March 3,2015
    Fly Originator and History:  Colonel Thomas Carey originated the Carey Special in 1925. 

                                How the Fly is Fished
    Suggested line and leader:  Sinking line with a tapered leader.
    Suggested retrieve: Try retrieving at varying speeds, pausing frequently.
    Depth: Depth will depend on where the fish happen to be.
    Comments: No fly box should be without several of these effective flies.

                                Fly Material
    Hook: Size 8, 3XL. DiaRiki 710 or equivalent.
    Thread: Uni 6/0 thread that matches the body color. 
    Tail: Pheasant rump (your favorite color).
    Body: Pheasant tail  (your favorite color).
    Hackle: Pheasant rump. 

                                Tying Steps 
    1. Tie in a thread base from the starting point (about 3-eye-lengths behind the eye)
    to the bend (just above the barb.

    2. Tail. The tail should be about as long as the hook's shank. Select about a dozen 
    pheasant rump feather fibers and tie them in from the starting point to the bend.

    3. Body. Select about a dozen pheasant tail fibers and tie in the butts at the bend 
    (the tips are facing rearward). Wrap the fibers forward to the starting point, 
    tie them off, and trim the excess fibers. 

    4. Wrap the thread forward, creating a thread base from the starting point to the eye.

    5. Hackle. The hackle should extend well beyond the bend of the hook (refer to 
    the above photo). Select and prepare an appropriate size pheasant rump feather. 
    Tie in the feather's butt in front of the starting point, and trim off the excess stem. 

    6. As you wrap the hackle, fold the fibers rearward. About two or three wraps 
    should do it. Tie off the hackle and trim off the excess.

    7. Form a small head, whip finish, and apply head cement.

	    Rick Shadforth 07/21/15