Baby Squid

August, 2017

Baby Squid by Ross Antipa

	                          Fly Pattern: Baby Squid 
		Tyer's Name: Ross Antipa
		Date: August 7, 2017
	Fly Originator and History:  Ross latched onto this fly while fishing for bone 
	fish and permit in the Bahamas . He has had success with this fly fishing for 
	salmon and sea run cutthroat trout in the salt.
	Suggested line and leader: This all depends on what you are fishing for.
	Suggested retrieve: Try to imitate a squid (think squid). 
	Depth: Depends on what you are fishing for.
                                Fly Material
	Hook: Gamagatsu SC 15 Stainless, Size #1
	Eyes: Large dumbbell eyes with black pupils and white iris .
	Thread: White Danville flat nylon (or any heavy duty thread).
	Tentacles: 5 pink rubber legs.
	Body: Earthworm Ultra Chenille. 

                                Tying Steps

	1. Tie in a thread base from the eye to a point just above the barb (‘the bend’).

	2. Eye. Run the thread to about the mid-point of the shank. Using figure 8 wraps, 
	securely tie in the dumbbell eyes.

	3. Tentacles. Select a group of 5 rubber legs. It’s best if the legs are joined 
	together as they are in their packaging. Tie in the legs perpendicular to the 
	shank, and directly behind the eyes. Secure them using a figure 8 wrap. Do not 
	separate them yet if they are joined together.

	5. Body. Tie in the chenille between the eyes and the legs. Wrap forward. Use a 
	figure 8 wrap around the eyes, then build up a tapered body going forward to 
	the eye of the hook.

	6. Tie off the chenille, cut off the excess and whip finish. Apply some head cement.

	7. Use your bodkin or a needle to separate the rubber legs (refer to the photo above).

		Rick Shadforth 01/15/18