Federation of Fly Fishers McKenzie Cup

In 2011, the McKenzie Cup was awarded by the FFF with our club's 
name inscribed on the cup. The cup is located in the FFF museum in 
Livingston, Montana.  

Federation of Fly Fishers Mc Kenzie Cup

Our club received a plaque commemorating the award.

Mc Kenzie Cup Plaque
The OPFF satisfied the conditions for the club award which are:
An award, given annually to that FFF Club which has made the most 
outstanding contribution on behalf of the FFF.

     • Must be an FFF member Club with a minimum of three years of 
       continuous affiliation.

     • Awards should be based on cumulative service, but significant 
       activity in the past year is important. A ratio of 70% (past years) 
       to 30% (present year) would serve as a guideline but not be 

     • Activities and services performed should be primarily on behalf 
       of the FFF. Those functions may have as their primary outlet 
       another organization but ultimately benefiting the FFF should be 
       of secondary consideration.

     • Outstanding contributions are those that are conspicuous in 
       relation to others - consistent contributions over a period of time. 
       Contributions should be defined as those acts that fall within 
       the scope of Article II, Section I of the Constitution (objectives 
       of the Federation).

During the previous years, the OPFF made significant contributions to 
the Healing Waters organization and has helped local community organizations 
through introducing fly fishing and fly tying to those who would not 
otherwise be part of the fly fishing experience.

        This article was contributed by Robert Brown