Woven Bodies

April 2011

                                  Technique: Tying Woven Bodies
    A woven body is nothing more than a series of overhand knots. Start off by using yarn 
    or twine to practice the technique. For best results, use materials of the same 
    diameter. Do it a few times and you'll nail it.

    1. Lay down a thread base.

    2. In this exercise, the light colored yarn will end up on top of the hook and 
    the dark yarn will be on the bottom. Tie in the light yarn on the side of the 
    hook shank closest to you, and the dark yarn on the opposite side.
    3. Keeping the body material parallel to the shank, tie it in to the bend, then 
    run the thread forward. Whip finish and cut off the thread.

    4. Turn the vise towards you as shown above. The light colored yarn is to your left. 
    5. As each overhand knot is tied, the light yarn will be to the rear of the 
    knot, and the dark yarn to the front.
    6. Complete the overhand knot by running the dark tag-end through the loop. 
    7. Now grab the light yarn and place it onto the top of the hook. 
    8. Pull the knot tight. 
    9. Repeat the process. Remember to keep the light colored yarn to the rear of 
    the loop. 

    10. To finish off the woven body, tighten the final knot, tie off the yarn, 
    and whip finish.

    11. Top, bottom and side of the completed body.

		Rick Shadforth 04/13/11