March, 2016

The Undertaker by Bob Coons

	                     Fly Pattern: Undertaker

            Tyer's Name: Bob Coons
            Date: March 7, 2016

    Fly Originator and History:  This fly is believed to have originated on the east 
    coast of North America as an Atlantic Salmon pattern.  It is well proven as a very 
    good fly for steelhead during low light conditions.

    Suggested line and leader: Scandi line with a sinking tip.
    Suggested retrieve:  At the tail end of the drift, straighten the line, and then 
    retrieve hand over hand.
    Depth: Subsurface.

                                Fly Material
    Hook: Gamagatsu T10-6H Salmon, Tapered Looped Up Eye.
    Thread: Black 6/0 Uni.
    Tag: Gold French oval tinsel, medium.
    Body: Green French silk floss, Red Danville floss, peacock herl 
    Rib: Gold French oval tinsel, medium.
    Hackle: Black Chinese saddle hackle (or equivalent).
    Wing: Black bear or black calf's tail
    Optional: Jungle cock eyes.

                                Tying Steps

    1. Tie in a thread base from the return eye to the bend (just above the barb).

    2. Tag. Tie in some gold tinsel at the bend and give it about 4 wraps. Tie it off 
    and cut off the excess.

    3. Body. Tie in some green floss next to the tag and wrap foreword (about 5 wraps), 
    then tie it off, and remove the excess.

    4. Tie in a strand of red floss and wrap foreword (about 5 wraps). Tie it off and 
    cut off the excess.

    5. Select about 3 or 4 strands of peacock herl.  

    Note: When tying in the herl, the portion to be tied down should extend from the red 
    floss to the end of the return eye. This will help bulk-up this portion of the body.

    6. Tie in the peacock herl and a strand of gold tinsel

    7. Wrap the strands of peacock foreword to the end of the return eye and tie it off, 
    and cut off the excess. 

    8. Rib. Start by wrapping a small band of tinsel where the red floss and herl meet, 
    then wrap the tinsel foreword (about 5 evenly spaced wraps). Tie off the tinsel, 
    and cut off the excess.

    9. Hackle. Tie in the hackle by the butt, and give it about 5 wraps. Fold back the 
    hackle as you tie it down so it lies rearward (as shown above). Remove the excess.

    11. Wing. The wing should extend to the bend of the hook Tie in a small clump of 
    black fur in front of the hackle. 

    12. Optional: Select 2 jungle cock nails and tie them on each side of the hook, 
    as shown above - this adds a nice touch to the fly.

    13. Wrap a small head, whip finish, and coat with head cement.

              Rick Shadforth 06/27/16