Thunder Thighs

July 2019

Thunder Thighs by Chuck Whitney

	                          Fly Pattern: Thunder Thighs

		Tyer's Name: Chuck Whitney
		Date: July 1, 2019

		Use it as a hopper or part of a hopper/dropper setup.

                                Fly Materials
	Hook: #6 or 8 2xl nymph hook.
	Thread: 6/0 (140 dn) Nanosilk, tan.
	Body/Head: 2-mm black and 2-mm tan craft foam about twice the length 
                   of the hook. 
	Krystal Flash: clear or pearl.
	Wing: 2-mm tan craft foam.
	Post: 2-mm yellow craft foam.
	Eyes: 2-mm black craft foam.
	Legs: 2-mm black & 2mm tan foam 
	Silly legs: white & black.
	Misc: Tear mender fabric glue.
              Head cement.
              Black Sharpie. 

	- Use tear mender fabric glue to bond black and tan foam for the body and legs.
	- Using a black Sharpie, add dots to the tan underside and of the body and head 
	  before tying.                            
	- Prior to tying-in the body, apply head cement along the shank.
		Rick Shadforth 07/21/19