Steelhead Muddler

May, 2017

Steelhead Muddler by Bill McMillan

	                          Fly Pattern: Steelhead Muddler

            Tyer's Name: Bill McMillan
            Date: May 3, 2017
    Fly Originator and History: The Muddler Minnow was originated by Don Gapen 
    of Anoka, Minnesota in 1937, to imitate the slimy sculpin.  
    Suggested line and leader: This is a summer steelhead fly, so use a Scandi,
    or floating line with a 9-foot, 8 lb tapered leader.
    Suggested retrieve: Fish it as you would any dry fly.
    Depth: On the surface.
    Comments: Also makes a good streamer once the fly is waterlogged.

                                Fly Material
    Hook: #2 Gold Streamer (Mustad 3260B or equivalent).
    Thread: Red Uni 6/0.
    Tail: Two cree hen hackle tips (if not available, try badger or turkey).
    Head: Deer hair.
    Wing: Deer hair.

                                Tying Steps

    1.  Tie in a thread base directly behind the eye and only about 1/4-inch long. 

    2. Tail.  Select two cree hackle tips that when tied in, will extend about 
    1 to 1-1/2 hook gaps beyond the bend. If too long, they will tend to wrap 
    around the hook.

    3. Tie in the tail pieces on each side  of the thread base with the tips 
    slightly angled up.

    4. Head/Wing.Prepare a good-sized clump of deer hair. When tying it in, lay
    the clump on top of the thread base with about 25% of the clump for the 
    head and the remainder goes rearward. (As shown in the above picture).

    5. Spin the deer hair and trim the head to your liking.

    6. Whip finish and apply head cement.

         Rick Shadforth 08/15/17