Spencer's Brown Bugger by Spencer Marcy

Fly Pattern: Spencer's Brown Bugger

    Tier’s Name: Spencer Marcey                Email: (see roster)
    Date: 3/19/08                              Phone: (see roster)
    Fly Originator and History: The Umpqua Feather merchants originally designed 
    this pattern as  shown in ‘The Best One thousand Flies. Spencer’s pattern uses 
    a 3xL hook and does not use a brown wool body. 

                                       How the Fly is Fished
    Suggested line and leader: Intermediate sinking line with a 9’tapered leader (2x)
    and 6’ tippet (3x).
    Depth: Just off the bottom in 7 -10 feet of stillwater.
    Suggested retrieve: Slow troll with pauses and an occasional twitch.
    Comments: Very Effective on Teal Lake and Big Twin Lake (Winthrop).
                                       Fly Material
    Hook make /size / length: Dai 710, TMC 5263 or equivalent, size 8, 3xL.
    Thread: size / color /type: Black 6/0.
    Weighted? y/n:  no.
    Tail material size / color: Black Marabou, length of hook, full and bushy.
    Body and thorax material size / color: Dark brown, medium chenille. 
    Ribbing size / color: Fine copper wire (optional).
    Collar size / color: See hackle.
    Hackle size / color: Black roster neck, 2x gap size (1x also be effective).
    Head size / color: Black thread head, small.
    Other: As an option  brown ‘New Age’ or sparkle chenille may be substituted for 
    brown chenille.

                                       Tying Steps
    1. Lay in a bed of thread from the eye to point above the barb.
    2. Measure the marabou and tie in at the point above the barb.
    3.Tie in hackle  by the tip (shinny side up).
    4. Tie in the chenille and wrap forward to the eye (leave 1/8” for a head), tie 
    off and trim excess.
    5. Palmer the hackle forward with 4 wraps and then make 2 additional wraps to form 
    a collar, leaving room for a head.
    6. Form a thread head and wrapping back lightly against the hackle, cut, whip finish 
    and cement.	
                            Erik Simpson, 03.30.08.