Shiner Minnow

May 2010

                                  Fly Pattern: Shiner Minnow

                          Tyer's Name: Troy Herridge 
                          Date: May 3, 2010 
    Fly Originator and History:  This fly was originated by Denny Rickards. 

                                How the Fly is Fished
    Suggested line and leader: Intermediate line, tapered leader, fluorocarbon 
    Depth range: Try to fish at about a depth of 8-feet.
    Suggested retrieve: Long slow pulls with extended pauses between pulls.
    Comments: Fish along the shore line.

                                Fly Material
    Hook make /size / length: #8, 3XL (Dai Riki 710  or equivalent)  .
    Thread: size / color / type:  8/0 Black Uni Thread.
    Weighted? y/n: No.
    Tail material / size / color: White marabou.
    Body material / color: White pearl 'New Age Chenille'  . 
    Wing:  White marabou, and a small amount of green marabou
    Head size / color:  Small head, black
    Other:  Pearl 'Flashabou'				
                                Tying Steps
    1. Lay down a thread base.

    2. Tail. The tail should be about the length of the hook. Tie in the tail and 
    add 2 strands of Flashabou. Trim excess marabou.  Trim the Flashabou even with 
    the ends of the tail.

    3. Body. At the bend, tie in the chenille, then move thread forward.

    4. Wrap the chenille forward to about 1/8-inch behind the eye. Tie it down 
    and trim excess.

    5. Wing. The wing should extend from behind the eye to the end of the tail. 
    Tie in the white marabou in front of the chenille, and on top of the shank 
    (5 or 6 wraps will do). 

    6. Select a small piece of green marabou and 2-strands of Flashabou.  Tie 
    them in on top of the white wing.

    7. Form a small head, whip finish, and apply head cement..

                Rick Shadforth 05/13/10