Septober Caddis

August 2008

                                Fly Pattern: Septober Caddis
                        Tier's Name: Curt Reid         
                        Date: 08/04/08                     

    Fly Originator and History:James Garrett 

                       How the Fly is Fished

    Suggested line and leader: Wet fly nymph.
    Depth: Intermediate.
    Suggested retrieve: Wet fly
                             Fly Material

    Hook: make /size / length: TMC 7999 size 6 (or equivalent "heavy wire" hook).
    Thread: size / color /type: 6.0, black.
    Weighted? y/n / size / # of wraps: no.
    Tail material / size / color: none.
    Body material /size /color: Med. Orange Chenille.
    Ribbing size / color: none.
    Thorax size / color: none.
    Wing size / color: Pheasent rump philoplume.
    Hackle size / color: Pheasant rump.
    Head size / color: Small thread head .
    Other: …
                             Tying Steps

    1. Thread: Tie on the thread and form a thread foundation on the shank and glue.

    2. Body: Tie in chenille at the bend and wrap forward to about 1/8" behind the eye.

    3. Hackle: Tie in a pheasant rump feather in front of the body and wrap about 2 times.   
    4. Wing: Select 2 matching pheasant philoplumes. Mount the feathers 
      "tent-like" over the hackle (see photo below).
    5.Thread: Tie on a small thread head, whip finish, cut thread and glue.


Septober Caddis, Top View