Ruby Eyed Leech

March, 2017

Ruby Eyed Leech by Luke Robbins

	                          Fly Pattern: Ruby Eyed Leech

            Tyer's Name: Bill Kindler
            Date: March 6, 2017
		Tyer's Name: Luke Robbins
		Date: July 10, 2017
	Fly Originator and History:  Brian Chan.
	Suggested line and leader: Sinking line with a tapered leader.
	Suggested retrieve: Try to move it up and down the water column. When 
	retrieving, give the fly a couple of twitches every so often. 
	Depth: Up and down the water column.
	Comments: Try different colors, but stick with the Semi Seal dubbing.

                                Fly Material
	Hook: #8 streamer, 9617 Mustad (or equivalent).
	Bead: 1/8-inch bullet head cone and a medium red glass bead.
	Thread: 8/0 Uni black (color not critical).
	Tail: Blood leech dubbing, Semi Seal.
	Body: Blood leech dubbing, Semi Seal.

                                Tying Steps

	1. Add the bullet head and red bead before mounting on the vise.

	2. Tie in a thread base from behind the beads to a point just above the barb 
	(the 'bend').

	3. Tail. The tail should be about half of the shank's length. Select 
	about a shank's length of dubbing. At the bend, tie in the dubbing at its mid-
	point (just a  few wraps for now). Fold the dubbing over on to itself, and 
	finish tying down the tail.

	4. Body. Make a 6-inch dubbing loop where the tail is tied in. Add a 
	fairly sparse amount of dubbing to the loop with the strands placed perpendicular 
	to the loop. Spin the loop to make a strand of chenille.

	5. Wrap the chenille forward to the bead. Tie it down, whip finish, and cut off 
	the excess.

	6. Use a brush to free up some of the trapped strands, the fly should be fuzzy.

		Rick Shadforth  12/15/17