Pink Salmon Fly

April 2015

Pink Salmon Fly by Bruce Savaglio

	                           Fly Pattern: Pink Salmon Fly
           Tyer's Name: Bruce Savaglio
           Date: April 6,2015
    Fly Originator and History: Bruce learned of this fly while fishing the Campbell 
    River on Vancouver Island.

                                How the Fly is Fished
    Suggested line and leader: Intermediate or sinking line with a tapered leader.
    Suggested retrieve: Fast retrieve with pauses.
    Depth: Try varying depths.
    Comments: When tying, think "sparse". Tie several of this easy to tie 
    fly as the salmon will probably chew them up.

                                Fly Material
    Hook: Size 6 or 8 Gamakatsu SL 11-3h, SS15
    Bead: Tungsten beads in pink or chartreuse size 5/32 to 1/4.
    Thread: Unithread 6/0 Pink. 
    Tail:  Krystal flash UV pink
    Body: Medium size mylar holographic tinsel  
                 Edge Brite, fluorescent pink cut into 1/8 strip. 

                                Tying Steps
    1.  Place a bead on the hook before mounting on the vise.

    2.  Lay down a thread base from the bead to the bend (just above the hook's barb). 

    3.  Tail. The tail should be about the length of the hook's shank.  
    Tie in about 6 strands of Krystal Flash at the bend. 

    4.  Body.  Cut a 1/8-inch strip of Edge Brite and then taper one end . Tie in the 
    tapered end of the material from the bend to the bead.

    5.  Tie in the mylar holographic tinsel at the bend, then run the thread forward. 

    6. Wrap the mylar forward to the bead and tie it off. Trim the excess material.

    7. Wrap the Edge Brite forward to the bead and tie it off. Trim the excess material.

    8. Wrap more thread behind the bead to keep it in place. Whip finish and apply 
    some head cement.

          Rick Shadforth 09/28/15