Pink Steelhead Bugger

December, 2009

                             Fly Pattern: Pink Steelhead Bugger

                       Tier's Name: Curt Reed      
                       Date: 12/07/09             

    Fly Originator and History:   

                                       How the Fly is Fished
    Suggested line and leader: Sinking line
    Depth: Bottom
    Suggested retrieve: 

                                       Fly Material
    Thread: Uni 6/0 Pink
    Hook: Gamakatsu T10-6H #1
    Weight: Wrap shank from point to return loop w/ .025 lead wire
    Tail: 2 plumes of hot pink marabou
    Flash: Fl. Pink Angel Hair tied down both sides
    Body: Kilowatt red New Age chenille
    Hackle: Fl. Pink Spey/Saltwater neck hackle
    Ribbing: Counter rib hackle with med. fine silver wire
    Collar: Hot Pink Guinea feather

                     Curt Reed  12/07/09