Phils Phavorite

March, 2009

                               Fly Pattern: Phils Phavorite

              Tyer's Name: Phil Huffman            Email: See roster 
              Date: March 3, 2009             	   Phone: See roster
    Fly Originator and History: Phil Huffman. Fished very successfully the first 
    time out. Skip Morris and wife were on the water that day,I knew I was on to 
    something as he had waited in the parking lot with some others to see what I 
    was using. Seems to fish well from April on in peninsula lakes.

                                 How the Fly is Fished
    Suggested line and leader: Floating line with or without an indicator. 
    Depth: A couple of feet below the surface. Or within 2' of bottom. Tandem or 
    triple rigs at different depths or colors can let you know what to fish and 
    how deep, enabling you to go back to one fly which is my style 90% of 
    the time.
    Suggested retrieve: Slow. If not using a "Bobber" keep the line tight. This 
    will be as fast as you need as a retrieve. Assume any movement in the line as 
    a take. A short strip set and slight lift will do.
    Comments: A very simple fly to tie.  Fun to fish as it is so simple.

                                 Fly Material
    Hook: make /size / length:#14- #16 Nymph
    Thread: size / color /type: 8/0, black.
    Weighted? y/n / size / # of wraps: No.
    Tail material / size / color: None. 
    Body material /size /color: Krystal Flash, red. 
    Ribbing size / color: None.
    Thorax size / color: None.
    Wing size / color: None. 
    Hackle size / color: None.
    Head size / color: White Polar Flash, black thread.
    Other: Clear Hard As Nails.
                                 Tying Steps
    1. Thread base. Wrap a thread base from the eye to a point just above the barb.

    2. Body. Tie on 2 strands of red Krystal Flash. Twist the strands to make a 
    single piece of material. Wrap the thread forward to the eye.

    3. Wrap the Krystal Flash forward to a point about 1/16" behind the eye, 
    and tie it off. (See photo above)

    4. Gas bubble. Tie on a strand of white Polar Flash in front of the body and 
    form a gas bubble, leaving a bit of space for the head. Tie it off.

    5. Head. Form a small head between the eye and the bubble. Whip finish, and 
    glue (Hard As Nails produces a nice finish on the head). 

                   Phil Huffman 03/17/09