March 2011

                                   Fly Pattern: Philonomid
                   Tyer's Name: Phil Huffman
                   Date: March 7, 2011
    Fly Originator and History: A Phil Huffman original.

                                  How the Fly is Fished
    Suggested line and leader:  Use a Type 6sinking line with a 9-foot leader and 
    about 6 feet of tippet. 
    Depth range: Try different depths within the water column.
    Suggested retrieve: Try to imitate a chironomid rising up the water column. 
    Chironomids tend to travel up a certain distance, then fall back a bit. 

                                  Fly Material
    Hook size /length / make: #10 1XL Nymph Dai-Riki 060 or equivalent.
    Thread: size / color / type: 6/0 (or 8/0) Black Uni Thread.
    Weighted y/n / size: No.
    Tail material / size / color: None.
    Body material / size/ color: Black plastic strip, aprox 1/8" wide (cut from 
    a plastic potato sack).
    Ribbing color / size: Red (gold, or white) copper wire, small.
    Thorax size / color: None.
    Wing case size / color: Pheasant tail.                   
    Collar size / color: Peacock herl.
    Head size / color: Small, black thread.

                                 Tying Steps

    1. Tie on a thread base from behind the eye to the a point just past the bend 
    (refer to the picture).

    2. Tie in the copper wire at the bend.

    3. Tie in the black plastic strip at the bend, then wrap the thread forward.

    4. Wrap the plastic strip forward, leaving space for the collar and head. Tie 
    down the strip, and secure with a half hitch.

    5. Wrap the wire forward to the plastic terminus. Tie down the wire.

    6. Wing case. The wing case is in two parts and is tied in on each side of 
    the hook. Select 6 or 8 pheasant tail fibers and tie them in behind the plastic 
    terminus, on the side of the shank. Then select another 6 or 8 fibers and tie 
    them in on the opposite side.

    7. The completed wing case should be about 1/16" to 1/8" in length. Pull both 
    sides of the wing case forward and tie them down behind the eye. Then cut off, 
    and trim the excess pheasant tail fibers.

    8. Collar. Select a peacock herl and tie it in where you just tied off the wing 
    case. Give the herl 3 or 4 wraps and tie it off just behind the eye.

    9. Form a small black head, whip finish, and glue. Be careful not to get glue 
    on the herl.

                Rick Shadforth  03/22/11