Nyerges Nymph

May 2010

                                  Fly Pattern: Nyerges Nymph

                          Tyer's Name: Troy Herridge 
                          Date: May 3, 2010 

    Fly Originator and History:  Gil Nyerges, a good friend of the Olympic Peninsula 
    Fly Fishers, originated this fly back in the 1950's.  
                                How the Fly is Fished
    Suggested line and leader: Type 6 or Intermediate line, tapered leader, 
    fluorocarbon tippet.   
    Depth range: Try to fish close to the bottom, or along shore lines when scuds 
    are active.
    Suggested retrieve: Steady  hand twist and intermediate short quick strips.
    Comments: The Nyerges Nymph suggests olive shrimps, nymphs, and scuds. It is 
    very easy to tie, and very effective.

                                Fly Material
    Hook make /size / length: #10, Nymph 3XL (Dai Riki 710  or equivalent)  .
    Thread: size / color / type:  6/0 Black Uni Thread.
    Weighted? y/n: No.
    Tail material / size / color: No
    Body material / color: Dark olive chenille  . 
    Hackle:  Brown
    Head size / color:  Small head, black

                                Tying Steps
    1. Lay down a thread base.

    2. At the bend, tie in some chenille and the hackle.

    3. Move the thread to a point behind the eye.

    4. Wind the chenille forward, tie it down with the thread, and trim the excess.

    5. Palmer the hackle forward (about 6-wraps), tie it down with the thread, and 
    trim the excess.

    6. Form a small head, whip finish, and apply head cement.

    7. Trim the hackle from the top and sides, leaving only the 'legs'.

        Rick Shadforth 05/13/10