Montana stone nymph

December, 2007

		We want to thank Steve M. of the Whidbey Island Fly Fishing Club for 
		giving Erik one of these flies along with a written description. 
		The fly's pattern that Steve provided, was written on a form that we 
		modified to use as the "fly pattern template" on our web site. 
		Thanks again Steve!
		Fly's Originator and History: Modified from Montana Stone / Bitch 
		Creek. An earlier version was not successful when fishing for browns
		at Pass Lake, however, this modified version proved to be successful
		at Lone Lake.
                                            How the Fly is Fished
		Suggested line and leader: Sinking 9 ft. leader and 4 ft. tippet.
		Depth:  Mid water to bottom.
		Suggested retrieved: Dead drift with little wind.
		Comments:  twitch the line occasionally

                                             Fly Material
		Hook make/size/length: Mustad, #6-12,  #8 preferred, 3 x long
		Thread: color/ color/ type: 6.0, dark red, Uni-Thread    
		Weighted? y/n / size / # of wraps: No
		Tail material / size / color: About 20 black hackle fibers
		Body material /color: Thin Chenille, Black
		Ribbing size / color: None
		Thorax size / color: Chartreuse or yellow Glitter Chenille   
		Hackle size / color: Black hackle palmered 
		Wing case size / color: Black chenille wing case                     
		Head size / color: Dark red thread , Medium
		Tying Steps:
		1. Attach thread, lay a thread base and "pinch tie" the tail fibers 
		   to the hook.

		2. Tie in black chenille at base of the tail. Wrap thread forward 
		   half way to eye. 

		3. Wrap chenille forward to the thread. Tie off with chenille on top
		   of hook. Do not trim.

		4. Tie in hackle and chartreuse chenille. Wrap thread forward to 
		   1/8" of the eye.

		5. Wrap chartreuse chenille forward to thread and tie off. Trim excess.

		6  Palmer hackle forward over thorax, tie off and trim.
		7. Bring black chenille over hackle to form a wing case and tie off.

		8. Trim excess material and form a medium size head.

		9. Whip finish and cement head.

		10.Trim the hackle "legs" if desired.
			Erik S., 11.29.07