Updated: 02/22/09

Marabou Steelhead Spey Fly

November, 2008

                               Fly Pattern: Marabou Steelhead Spey Fly
                    Tier's Name: John Wayne Sadler       Email: see roster 
                    Date: November 3, 2008               Phone: see roster       

                               How the Fly is Fished
    Suggested line and leader: Floating line with a sinking leader. 
    Depth: Deep, but varies with river flow.
    Suggested retrieve: Quick retrieve. 
    Comments: This fly is intended for use with a spey rod. The hook 
    is heavy, and the wet marabou certainly adds to the weight.
                               Fly Material
    Hook: make /size / length: Partridge - Bartleet Supreme Salmon Fly. Size: 1/0 
    Thread: size / color /type: Unithread 8/0 white. 
    Weighted? Y/n :  No.
    Tail material / size / color: None.
    Body material /color: Marabou (Your choice of color combinations). Clear Krystal Flash.
    Note: John warns that too much Krystal Flash will scare the fish
    Ribbing material: None. 
    Thorax size / color: Same as body.
    Hackle: size / color: Wood duck flank feathers, natural 
    Head size / color: Small thread head, colored red.
    Other: Small strip of pink or peach chenille. Waterproof marking pen, red. 

                               Tying Steps
    1. Lay down a thread base along the shank, from the eye to the mid-point.
    2. Tie in a couple of long strands of Krystal Flash along each side of the shank.
    3. At the mid-point of the shank, tie in a piece of chenille. Wrap the 
    chenille around the mid-point, forming a ball.
    4. Overlay some marabou stems (John likes to brush or comb the fibers before 
    marrying them), and tie in the butts in front of the chenille ball.
    5. Palmer the marabou forward to within 1/4" of the eye, being careful not 
    to trap the barbules in the wrap. Tie it off.
    6. At the 1/4" point, tie in a couple of long strands of Krystal Flash on each
    side of the shank.
    7. Prepare a wood duck flank feather and tie in the butt just forward of the 
    8. Wrap the wood duck hackle 1 or 2 times (as you would for a wet fly hackle), 
    and tie it off.
    9. Use the red marking pen to color a length of thread. Then form a small head, 
    whip finish and glue.
    10. Trim the Krystal Flash to just beyond the ends of the marabou.