Marabou Damsel

May, 2009

                                          Marabou Damsel

                   Tier's Name: Erik Simpson           Email: See Roster 
                   Date: 4.29.09.                        Phone: See Roster. 
    Fly Originator and History: Chuck Rondeau tied this pattern at the OPFF meeting 
    in May 2007. He said to fish this damsel on an intermediate line slowly and 
    try to fish it at a 3 or 4 feet depth. A slow troll works well . Chuck slowly 
    kicked with his fins only and he did better with  this fly than any other he 
    fished at Wentworth the previous week .

                                       How the Fly is Fished
    Suggested line and leader: Intermediate line with 12' leader and tippet.
    Depth range: Below the surface at 3or 4 Feet.
    Suggested retrieve: Slow.
    Comments: The Damsel pattern also worked well at Big Twin and Blue Lake in 
    late April and  May of 2006.

                                       Fly Material
    Hook make /size / length: TMC 710, DAI 1720, size 10, 3xl or equivalent.
    Thread: size / color / type: 6.0, Olive. 
    Weighted? y/n / size / # of wraps: not
    Eyes: Use small green mono eyes in shallow water or small black mono eyes in deeper water. 
    Tail material / size / color: Marabou, dark olive or brown olive.
    Body material / size/ color: Marabou, dark olive or brown olive.
    Ribbing size / color: Thin gold wire.
    Thorax size / color: Dark green or chartreuse Frost Bite Chenille. 
    Wing Case: size / color:  Dark olive or brown olive.                    
    Legs:  size / color: Small soft partridge, pheasant hackle or chartreuse mallard flank.
    Head size / color: Medium triangular head..
                                       Tying Steps
    1. Tie on olive green thread base with extra wraps for locations of the eyes 
    and thorax.

    2. Tie on the eyes with cross wraps and around the eyes, tie it down and glue.  

    3. Tie on the frost bite, wrap the thorax, twist and wrap the head & eyes to 
    form a triangular shape.

    4. Tie on the gold wire and marabou tail and tie them down

    5. Twist the marabou at least ½ turn, wrap forward to the thorax & tie it 
    down. Wrap on the gold wire forward & tie it off. Secure the marabou behind 
    the hook with a cloths pin on the vise. 

    6. Tie on the soft partridge hackle behind the eyes, wrap and tie it off.   

    7. Part the hackle, pull the marabou forward and tie it down just behind the 
    eyes. This forms the wing case.
    8. Trim off the bottom side of hackle and trim up the fly to give it a nice 
    clean look.                                                             

    9. Wrap the thread forward just behind the eye, whip finish and glue the 
    entire fly.

                            Erik Simpson, 5.01.09.