Low Water Salmon Fly

November, 2017

Low Water Salmon Fly by Bruce Savaglio

	                          Fly Pattern: Low Water Salmon Fly 
		Tyer's Name: Bruce Savaglio
		Date: November 10, 2017
	Fly Originator and History: Bruce got this fly pattern from a fellow fly fisher 
	on the Skeena River in British Columbia.
	Suggested line and leader: Fish with 5 to 10 feet of T-10 to T-14 sink tip and 
	3 to 6 feet of leader.
	Suggested retrieve: Swing the fly to tail water or holding water where the fish 
	are moving or holding. Twitch slightly to give movement to the fly once it swings 
	to the bottom of the run.
	Depth: Fish close to the bottom.
	Comments: Best when the water is low and clear.

                                Fly Material
	Hook: Matzuo Sickle Octopus Hook size 2 to 3/0.
	Thread: 6/0 Uni, Pink.
	Body: Pink Edge Bright cut into 1/8 inch strips, or medium UTC fluorescent pink 
	vinyl rib, and large holographic tinsel.
	Egg: Fluorescent pink or orange small chenille.

                                Tying Steps
	1. Tie in a thread base from the eye to a point above the barb (‘the bend’).

	2. Tie in the Edge Bright or vinyl rib at the bend.

	3. Tie in the tinsel forward of the rib.

	4. Wrap the tinsel forward 2/3 of the shank length and tie off.

	5. Wrap the vinyl forward to the end of the tinsel. Tie it off and cut off 
	any excess.

	6. Tie in the chenille about 1/8 inch from the eye and wrap to form an egg. 
	Tie off the chenille and cut off any excess.

	7. Whip finish, cement.
		Bruce Savaglio/Rick Shadforth