Jt Sculpin

April, 2017

JT's Sculpin by Justin Teschner

	                          Fly Pattern: JT's Sculpin
	Tyer's Name: Justin Teschner
	Date: April 3, 2017

	Fly Originator and History:  A Justin Teschner original. Justin guides 
	on Crescent Lake. 
	Suggested line and leader: Line type will depend on how deep you want 
	to fish. 
	Even a floating line with a tapered leader would do. 
	Suggested retrieve: Slow retrieve with intermittent pauses. 
	Depth: Try different depths.
	Comments: Justin has found that he looses fewer fish when using 
	hooks. Some of the properties that he looks for in a fly are: movement, color, 
	contrast, and gills.

                                Fly Material
	Hook:.#4 Gamakatsu  L11S-3H (or equivalent).
	Thread:. Purple 140Dn UTC.
	Tail: Red Chinese floss, purple holographic flashabou, straight-cut 
	black rabbit
	Collar: Hairline Red UV Ice Dub, red (metallic) Ice Dub. 
	Head: Black cross-cut rabbit.

                                Tying Steps

	1. Tie in a thread base from about two-eye lengths behind the eye to a point just 
	above the point of the hook (the "bend"). Then run the thread foreword.

	2. Tail. The tail pieces should be about twice the length of the hook. Tie in a 
	piece of red Chinese floss at the bend, then the rabbit, and then two pieces of 
	flashabou on each side of the rabbit.

	3.Collar. Prepare the dubbing by first pulling apart and tearing a pinch or two 
	of UV Ice Dub to shorten the length of the strands. Then place a few strands of 
	the red metallic on top of the UV dubbing.

	4. At the bend make a dubbing loop and run the thread forward. Place the dubbing 
	in the loop and spin it to form a rope.

	5. Use a bodin to pick out the strands of dubbing to make it “fuzzy”. Then moisten 
	your fingers and stroke the fibers back.

	6. When the collar is complete, about 2/3 of the hook shank should still be exposed. 
	Form a collar with the dubbing just in front of the tail pieces. Give it about 
	5-wraps, stroking the fibers rearwards as you wrap. Run the thread back and tie 
	off the loop and cut off the excess. 

	7. Head. Tie in a strip of cross-cut rabbit just in front of the collar. Wrap 
	the rabbit strip forward to just behind the eye. Tie down the strip and cut of the 
	excess material. 

	8. Whip finish and apply cement.

		Rick Shadforth 12/14/16