Green Butt String Thing

December, 2009

                             Fly Pattern: Green Butt String Thing

                       Tier's Name: Curt Reed      Email:
                       Date: 12/07/09              Phone: (360)417-0937

    Fly Originator and History: Dylan Tomine - color combo by Curt Reed   
                                       How the Fly is Fished
    Suggested line and leader: Sink tip w/ 10-12lb. tippet
    Depth: Near bottom
    Suggested retrieve: Down & Across Swing
    Comments: I tie this pattern in many color combos, so be creative.

                                       Fly Material
    Shank: Standard wire return loop up eyed steelhead hook (#2,4, or 6)  No Waddingtons.
    Back Hook make /size / length: Gamakatsu Red Octopus #2
    Thread: size / color /type: Unithread, black, 6/0
    Weighted? y/n / size / # of wraps: No
    Tail material / size / color: Chartreuse Krystal Flash and 2 plumes chartreuse marabou.
    String: Stren Superbraid 30#
    Body material /color: Black magnum straight cut rabbit, Chartreuse Krystal Flash
    Ribbing size / color:  None.
    Throat size / color: 2 plumes of black marabou.
    Collar size / color: Natural Guinea.
    Head size / color:  small lead dumbell eyes
    Other: Large needle with an eye that can easily accept 2 strands of 30# Stren Superbraid.

                                       Tying Steps
    1. Back Hook. Tie in 6-8 strands of Krystal flash, and tips of 2 marabou plumes 
    to front of Octopus Hook. (Make sure thread covers the tiny gap where eye returns 
    to the hook so superbraid can't pull through.)  

    2. Whip finish and glue head.  

    3. Loop on a section of superbraid.

    4. Middle section. Thread both loose ends of superbraid through needle. (Eye of 
    needle should be just big enough, but not too big.)  

    5. Cut strip of rabbit to size.  
    - Thread needle through the rabbit hide starting about a 1/4 inch from the 
    back, and going down through the fur side first.  
    - Take needle right back through the hide side, move forward on the rabbit and 
    repeat this process. 3 times on the 5 inch flies, and 2 times on the 3 inchers. 
    (The idea is to hide the superbraid in the fur).  
    - The last move with the needle is to come back down through the fur side about 
    a 1/4 inch from the front of the rabbit strip. 

    6. Front shank. Lay down a thread base.  

    7. Attach superbraid to shank by tying it down going forward on top, go through 
    the eye, and tie it down underneath the shank wrapping back to your starting point. 

    8. Tie down rabbit hide and tie in 4-6 stands of krystal flash.  

    9. Attach dumbbell eyes on underside of shank, right behind the eye.  

    10. Tie in two plumes of marabou (line up ends and bunch tie on the underside of shank).  

    11. Wrap a Guinea collar in front of the marabou and right behind the dumbbell eyes.  

    12. Whip finish and glue thoroughly.  

    13. Cut off hook point and unused portion of shank. (shank length should be around 
    1/2 inch.  No longer than 3/4 inch.

                     Curt Reed  12/07/09