Gort's Woolly Bugger

January 2008 - From John's Fly Tying Class

		Instructor's Name: John Gort             Email: …          
		Date: Jan 26, 2008                       Phone: (see roster)
	Fly Originator and History: An inexpensive sturdy pattern developed by
	John Gort that that will last considerably longer than most Woolly bugger 

 				How the Fly is Fished
	Suggested line and leader: Intermediate tip.
	Depth: On or near the bottom, structure or near vegetation. 
	Suggested retrieve: Slow leach like retrieve with pauses and occasional twitches.
	Comments: The woolly bugger has natural buggy appearance of sufficient size to 
	appeal to fish.                                                     

				     Fly Material						
	Hook make /size / length: 4 x long, regular to heavy wire (TMC 9395 or 
	Thread: size / color / type:  6.0 Black and any other color thread, 6.0, 
	prefer red.
	Weighted? y/n: No.
	Tail material / size / color: Black Marabou.
	Body material / color: Small Black Chenille.
	Ribbing size / color: Fine gold or silver wire and purple 'Candle Light Metallic 
	Yarn' available from local sewing shops.
	Thorax size / color: Same as body. 
	Wing size / color:  --                   
	Hackle size / color:  Long Woolly Bugger hackle.
	Head size / color: Black Thread.
	Other: John's method does not crowd the head and the proportions are correct.
				      Tying Steps
	1. Tie on 12 wraps of other colored thread back from the eye, whip finish with 
	3 wraps and cut off the tag end.
	2. Tie on the black thread just behind the other colored thread and loosely wrap 
	it to a point just above the end if the barb. Then wrap forward to up to the 
	other colored thread. 
	3. Moisten and tie in the marabou tail from the starting a point to above barb. 
	The tail should be the length of the shank. Trim excess marabou and wrap thread 
	forward to starting point.
	4. Tie on the fine wire and wrap thread back to the marabou and forward to the 
	starting point.
	5. Tie on purple metallic yarn. Wrap thread back to the marabou and forward to 
	starting point.
	6. Tie in Hackle feather by the stem with feather tip pointing forward and the 
	shiny side up. Secure the stem with two thread wraps forward, two behind and 
	one forward.
	7. Tie on the black chenille from the point above the barb and wrap forward
	to hackle.
	8. Wrap the chenille forward away from you to the starting point and tie off.
	9. Wrap the purple yarn forward 4-5 wraps away from you up to the of starting 
	point off.
	10. Moisten and hold back the feather barbules. Wrap hackle forward 3-4 times 
	away from you.
	11. Then palmer the hackle back to the point above the barb and secure the 
	hackle with two wraps of the fine wire.
	12. Then wrap fine wire forward over the hackle. Secure with two wire wraps,tie 
	off with thread, and break off.
	13. Take the black thread forward and make a thread head, whip finish and glue. 
				Erik Simpson, 01.31.08