Glo Bug

December, 2009

                             Fly Pattern: Glo Bug

                       Tier's Name: Curt Reed      Email:
                       Date: 12/07/09              Phone: (360)417-0937

    Fly Originator and History:   
                                       How the Fly is Fished
    Suggested line and leader: Sinking line
    Depth: Bottom
    Suggested retrieve: 

                                       Fly Material
    Thread: Uni Big Fly - White
    Hook: Gamakatsu C14S Glo Bug #2
    Body: Glo Bug Yarn: one strand each: 
    Peachy King, 
    Baby Pink, 
    Hot Pink, 
    Steelhead Orange and, 
    1/2 strand of Chartreuse

                                      Tying Steps
    1. To stack yarn, place Peachy King and Baby pink yarn side by side.  

    2. Lay hot pink on top of Peachy King, and the Orange on top of the Baby Pink.  

    3. Lay Chartreuse strand directly on top in the middle.  

    4. Lay down thread base, and tie in the clump of yarns with 3 turns (all right 
    in the same spot, keeping yarn on top of shank).  
    Take one turn behind the clump and a couple in front.  

    5. Whip finish.  

    6. Pull all yarn up and cut in a slight arc.  Fluff down the sides and trim 
    again as needed. 

Curt Reed 12/07/09