November, 2012

                                  Fly Pattern:Dragonfly

            Tyer's Name: Sharon Prosser
            Date: October 1, 2012

    Suggested line and leader: Floating line with a light tippet.
    Depth:  On the surface.
    Suggested retrieve: Slow retrieve with an occasional twitch.
    Optional: Best fished from late spring through summer in still water, and slow 
    streams and rivers.

                                  Fly Material

    Hook : #12, 1XL,  Dry Fly (Dai Riki 300, or equivalent).
    Thread: Ultra thread 6/0 Uni - thread color should compliment foam and dubbing. 
    Weighted y/n : No.
    Abdomen: Satin Cord,  poly/cotton blend, found at fabric stores, sold by the 
    yard (may be purchased in any length).
    Eyes: Mono "dumbbell" eyes, black, medium. 
    Thorax: Dubbing: hare or ice dubbing.
    Foam: "Foamies" glitter or plain sheet,  2 mm thick,  found at craft/fabric stores.
    Wing: Flashabou, UV or iridescent. 
    Additional: Black 'Sharpie' permanent marker , Bic Lighter.

    Note: Thread, thorax, and abdomen colors should match.

                                Tying Steps 
    1. Lay down a thread base from about 1/3 of the way behind the eye to the bend.  
    Then wrap back until the bobbin hangs is just in front of the point of the hook.

    2. Abdomen (tail).  At a steep angle, cut about 2.5" - 3" length of satin cording.  
    (Alternatively, you may use a 1/16th wide x 2.5"- 3" length of 2 mm foam (plain 
    or glitter).  If using "plain" foam, using  a black Sharpie evenly mark all 4 
    sides every 1/8" with hash marks.  Do this prior to tying in.  If using "glitter" 
    foam, do not hash mark).  Place the steep-angled cut end of the cord, cut side down, 
    on top of the hook at the 1/3 point and tie in.  Trim the cord with a perpendicular 
    cut to a length somewhere between 1.5" - 1.75".  

    3. Eyes. Wrap the thread forward half way between the 1/3 point and the eye of the 
    hook.  Mount the eyes on top of the shank.  Tie in using 'Figure-8' wraps.

    4. Wings. Select about 15-18 strands of Flashabou.  The wing span should be about 
    twice the length of the tail (about 3.25").  Holding one end of the strands of 
    Flashabou, wet them in your mouth.  This will remove any static and the Flashabou 
    will to stick together.  Now kink the middle the stack of Flashabou with your 
    thumbnail and fingertip.  This "kink" marks your tie in point.   Place the kink 
    of the wings on the hook at the 1/3 point (right on top of the end of the satin cord).  
    Tie in using 'Figure-8' wraps. 
    5. Thorax. Cut a rectangle piece from the "Foamies" sheet about 5/8" wide and7/8" length.  
    Now cut just one end of the rectangle Foamies to form a point (for ease of tying in).   
    Pinch the foam with your fingernails at the intersection where the rectangle 
    and diagonal cuts meet.  

    6. Lay the pointed end of the Foamies (glitter side down) on the shank.  Line up 
    the pinch marks with the bend of the hook and tie in.  

    7. Apply a generous amount of dubbing to the thread and wrap it forward up to 
    the wings to create a bulky body.  You may need to add dubbing in increments to 
    accomplish this. 

    8. Place your thread forward of the wings.  Apply smaller amount of dubbing and 
    twist tightly onto thread.  Dub the space between the wings and the back of the 
    eyes, filling this void.  Now place your bare thread forward of the eyes.

    9. Fold the foam strip (which was tied in at the bend of the hook) forward (glitter 
    side should be up).  While gently folding the foam forward with your left hand, 
    hold the foam and hook together between the dumbbell eyes and the eye of the hook.  
    Pinch the foam at this point with your fingernails to create an indentation .  
    Tie in at this crease using several wraps.  Pull foam back and do two wraps under 
    the foam at the eye of the hook.   

    10. Prepare your whip finisher.  Using your left hand, gently pull back the excess 
    foam (which is lying on top of the eye of the hook) with your index finger at 
    the same time holding the thread bobbin out of the way with your thumb,  Whip 
    finish under the foam.  (This is tricky and may take several attempts.)

    11. Clean-up/head.  Turn the dragonfly onto its back.  Using the eye of the hook 
    as your guide, trim the excess foam, creating a 3-sided head.  Be sure to leave 
    enough foam so that the eye of the hook is covered by this tag.  

    12. Clean-up/thorax.  While the fly is still on its back, trim any stray, wayward 
    dubbing from the dragonfly's underside.  Doing this causes the dragonfly to land 
    flat on the surface of the water.

    13. Clean-up/wings.  While the fly is on its back, pinch the wings together 
    (holding them together with your thumb and first finger).  Trim wings straight 
    across (total wingspan should be about 3").  Turn the fly right side up.  Spread 
    one side of the wings between the fingers of your one hand, using a black Sharpie, 
    place hash marks about every 1/8th of an inch (about 5-7 hash marks per side) 
    with your other hand.  Repeat.  

    14. Clean-up/abdomen.  To prevent fraying, melt the end of the cord using a lighter.  
    Quickly wave the flame back and forth causing the cording to melt - try not to 
    let the cord catch fire.  !!!With your fingers pinch the melted cord to snuff-the 
    smoldering fabric, as it could continue burn!!!!

                   Sharon Prosser 10/24/12