D_Dub's Puget Pink

August 2019

D-Dub's Puget Pink

	                          Fly Pattern: D-Dub's Puget Pink

		Tyer's Name: David Paul Williams
		Date: August 5, 2019

                                Fly Materials

	Hook: Daiichi 2456 Size 4-6
	Thread: 3/0 Uni Pink or Black
	Weight: Bead chain
	Tail: Krystal Flash
	Body: Pink Estaz
	Hackle: Cerise saddle

	1. Place hook in vise with shank level.

	2.Start thread at bend and build a small thread base.

	3.Tie in bead chain at rear of hook.

	4.Tie in 4-6 strands pearl kystal flash to form shank length tail.

	5.Tie in cerise hackle.

	6.Tie in pink estaz and form body with close wraps, stopping before eye,
	  tie off and trim.

	7. Wrap hackle in loose wraps up towards eye, tie off and trim.

	8. Whip finish and apply head cement.

		David P. Williams/Rick Shadforth 08/31/19