Charlie Russell

August 2015

Charlie Russell by Phil Huffman

	                           Fly Pattern: Charlie Russell

            Tyer's Name: Phil Huffman
            Date: August 3,2015

    Fly Originator and History: This is a Phil Huffman original. Because of the fly's 
    horse tail body, Phil has named it after the artist of the old American west, 
    Charlie Russell.

                                How the Fly is Fished
    Suggested line and leader: Use a Type 6 sinking line with a 9-foot leader and 
    about 6 feet of tippet. 
    Depth range: Try different depths within the water column.
    Suggested retrieve: Try to imitate a chironomid rising up the water column. 
    Chironomids tend to travel up a certain distance, then fall back a bit. 

                                Fly Material
    Hook: #10 Wet Nymph Hook. Mustad 3399A (or equivalent).
    Thread: None.
    Body: Horse tail hair, one strand.
    Collar: Peacock herl, two strands.
    Optional: If you have trouble managing the horse hair, use some 8/0 brown or 
    black thread to tie down the horse hair and herl.

                                Tying Steps
    1. Starting about 1/4 of the way behind the eye, wrap the horse hair back to 
    the bend (a little bit beyond the barb, as shown in the illustration above). 
    Then wrap back to just beyond the starting point.

    2. Tie in 2 peacock herls, and bring the strand of horse hair back to the 
    starting point.

    3. Give the herl about 15 wraps filling the space from the starting point to 
    just behind the eye. The last wrap should be at the starting point. Tie-off 
    the herl and trim any excess.

    4. Whip finish at the starting point (to the rear of the herl collar).  

              Rick Shadforth 08/10/15