Ken Campbell's Beach Popper

November, 2008

                       Fly Pattern: Ken Campbell's Beach Popper 

                    Tier's Name: Ken Campbell             Email: see roster 
                    Date: November, 2008                 Phone: see roster       

    Fly Originator and History: Originated by Leland Miyawaki. Works well 
    on sea run cutthroats and coho.  Ken's variation, using a pink body, has worked 
    well for him in local salt waters. Ken's fly, employs a few techniques that 
    evolved from his east coast experiences.  

                               How the Fly is Fished
    Suggested line and leader: Floating line.
    Depth: Surface.
    Suggested retrieve: Strip fast, making the  fly occasionally jump out of the 

                               Fly Material
    Hook: make /size / length: Mustad #8 3407 or 34007 (front hook), 
    Gamakatsu #4 Octopus (rear hook).
    Thread: size / color /type: 6/0, black. 
    Weighted? y/n / size / # of wraps: No
    Tail material / size / color: None
    Body material /size /color:: Buck tail (white and pink), holographic 
    Flashabou (pearl, pink and,dark, grizzly hackles (brown).
    Ribbing size / color: None
    Thorax size / color: None
    Wing size / color: None
    Hackle size / color: None
    Head size / color: #6 Edgewater Dink Popper Head , white .
    Other: Maxima 25 lb test leader material (about 8"), 5-minute epoxy 

                               Tying Steps
    1. Hook: Place the #8 Mustad hook on the vise. 
    2. Stinger: Pass the tag ends of the leader material through the eye of  the  
    #4 Octopus hook, and join them "loop-to-loop".  
    Note: If you are unable to fit the tag ends through the eye, use a single 
    strand of mono and use the technique given in Step 3 (below) to attach the 
    mono to the hook.
    3. Trail the stinger about 1" behind the bend of the hook (with the barb facing up). 
    Using the thread, tightly wrap the leader material along the shank of the hook. 
    Double the leader material over and wrap again and tie it off. Apply cement 
    or 5-minute epoxy to the wraps.
    4. On the #8 hook: Reserve about a 1/4" space behind the eye for the 
    popper head. 
    Tie in some  pink bucktail (with a small amount of matching Flashabou mixed in) 
    on the top of the shank. 
    Then, tie in a few dark colored strands of Flashabou along the shank. 
    And finally, tie in some white bucktail (with a small amount of matching Flashabou 
    mixed in) on the bottom of the shank. 
    5. Tie in 2 matching grizzly hackles, with the concave sides facing one another.
    6. Whip finish, and add a small amount of  5-Minute Epoxy, then slide on a #6 
    Edgewater Dink head (see photo above)
    7. On the #8 hook: Cut off at the bend, being careful not to cut into the leader 
    or fly materials.