Burnt Wing Sulphur Dun

June 2008

                               Fly Pattern: Burnt Wing Sulphur Dun 

                       Tier’s Name: Joe Hudon        Email:  (see roster)

                       Date: 06/02/08                  Phone: (see roster)
                                       How the Fly is Fished
    Suggested line and leader: Floating line and a light weight tippit.
    Depth range: Dry fly 
    Suggested retrieve: No special retrieve. 

                                       Fly Material
    Hook make /size / length: TMC 100 dry fly #14 
    Thread: size / color / type: Griffin 14/0 tan
    Weighted? y/n / size / # of wraps: No 
    Tail material / size / color: Polar bear guard hairs
    Body material / color: Raffia
    Ribbing size / color: No
    Thorax size / color: No 
    Wing size / color: Indian hen saddles                   
    Hackle size / color: Dry fly tan 
    Head size / color: small head, tan
    Other: Mayfly wing burner

                                       Tying Steps
    1. Lay down a thread base.

    2. Tie in 2 polar bear guard hairs. Hairs should about a shank's length, 
    and tied in so that they form a split "V" tail.

    3. At the bend, tie in the hackle.

    4. At the bend, tie in a thin strip of raffia. 
    5. Select a matching pair of hen feathers, one from each side of the skin.
    6. Place the feathers in the burner, convex (shiny) sides facing each other, 
    and burn away the excess material.

    7. Position the wings, convex sides facing each other, about 1/4 shank's length
    from the eye of the hook. 
    8. Tie in the wings so that they from a "V".

    9. Wrap the raffia forward and tie in at the rear of the wings and cut excess.

    10. Wrap the hackle forward and tie in front of the wings and cut excess.

    11. Form a small size head, whip finish, and glue.

    12. Using scissors, cut an inverted V-shaped channel on the bottom of the 
    fly. This will ensure that the fly will land upright when it hits the water.