Bullet Head Clouser

September, 2009

                              Fly Pattern: Bullet Head Clouser

                             Tier's Name: John Gort      Email: See Roster
                             Date: 08/21/09              Phone: See Roster

    Fly Originator and History: Keith Fulsher, Fly Tyer Magazine

                                       How the Fly is Fished
    Suggested line and leader: Sinking line with 4 foot tippet.
    Depth range: Med water down to just off the bottom where the sculpins will strike.
    Suggested retrieve: Short quick random retrieves.
    Comments: This fly is designed for catching Silver Salmon in salt water from 
    shore. According to Jim Carr, the best time to fish of Silvers at the Fort Flagler 
    in August of this year was just before high and low tide.

                                       Fly Material
    Hook make /size / length: TMC 9325, Stainless Steel, 4 x L.
    Thread: size / color / type: White and red UNI-Thread  6/0  
    Weighted y/n / size / # of wraps: None
    Tail material / size / color: None.
    Body material / size/ color: Red or pink single-strand floss and flat silver tinsel
    Ribbing size / color:  medium oval silver tinsel
    Thorax size / color: Same as body  
    Wing size / color: Two matched pink and grizzly hen feathers.                    
    Over wing: size / color: White buck tail. Olive buck tail on the upper half as an option
    Head size / color: buck tail.
    Eyes: Two self-adhesive eyes, proportional to head size
    Other: Glue with Hard As Nails, or equivalent. 
    Five minute Epoxy cement over the eyes. 
    Slow-spinning motor used to evenly flow the epoxy as it cures.

                                       Tying Steps
    1. Tie on a white thread base from the head of the hook to the bend and back.

    2. Tie on a strand of flat silver tinsel 3/8-inch from the head of the hook 
    to the bend, leaving a silver tag and back to beginning point and glue.

    3. Tie on a single strand of red or pink floss 3/8-inch from the head to a 
    point just above the back of the barb tip and glue. 

    4. Tie on a strand of oval silver tinsel just above the barb of the hook about 
    1/8-inch  wide and roll the tinsel onto the hook in barber poll fashion up to 
    the 3/8-inch point. 

    5. Then cut and match a pair pink and a pair of grizzly hen feathers about 
    11/2 times the length of the hook. Place both pairs onto the hook and press 
    down to flatten the stems. This allows the feathers to set better on the hook. 
    Then tie them on one at a time and glue. 

    6. Cut a medium sized bunch of white (or olive) buck tail about two hook 
    lengths and stack it. Tie it onto the top half of the head of the hook facing 
    forward. Fold them back over the hook forming a medium size oval head and 
    tie it just behind the head. 

    7. Cut a similar sized bunch of white buck tail, stack and tie on the bottom 
    half of the hook in a similar manner. Make 3-4 half hitches, cut tread and glue.

    8. Then tie on the red thread just behind the head to look like gill plates 
    and make about 10 wraps. Then make 3- 4 half hitches, cut and glue the head 
    with Hard As Nails. 

    9. After 24 hours, apply two self-adhesive eyes onto the head. Make up a small 
    batch of 5 minute epoxy, mix well and apply to head with a tooth pick to make a 
    smooth oval head. Making sure not plug the eye of the hook. A slow spin cure 
    will allow the epoxy to flow evenly around the head.           

                                       Erik Simpson, 09/12/09