Bucktail Coachman by Joe Hudon

                               Fly Pattern: Bucktail Coachman 
	Tier's Name: Joe Hudon          Email: (see roster) 
	Date: 4 March, 2008             Phone: (see roster) 

	Fly Originator and History: This version of the Bucktail Coachman was originated 
	by Carl Apple in the early 1940's and is routinely fished as a dry fly in 
	Northeastern Washington

                             How the Fly is Fished

	Suggested line and leader: To fit size of fly and fish.
	Depth: Surface or retrieved as an emerger just under the surface.
	Suggested retrieved: 
	Comments: If I could choose only one fly to fish with, this would be it. It is 
	very visible and is a cutthroat killer. It is also a killer for brook, rainbow, 
	and steelhead.                                                        

                             Fly Material

	Hook make /size / length: Standard dry fly, size 4 to 20.
	Thread: size / color /type: Black, 6.0, waxed.
	Weighted? y/n:  No.
	Tail material/ size: Small section of red duck wing quill feather.
	Body material /color: Butt section is peacock hurl and body is red floss.
	Ribbing size / color: None
	Thorax size / color: Thorax on larger flies is peacock hurl.
	Wing size / color: White calf tail the length of the fly.
	Hackle size / color: Coachman brown dry fly
	Head size / color: Black thread head.

                             Tying Steps

	1.  Tie in tail section the length of hook.

	2. Tie in butt section of peacock hurl and wrap forward 3/16 length of hook.

	3. Tie in floss and wrap forward 3/8 length of hook.

	4.  Tie in hackle and wrap 1/4 length of hook.

	5. Tie in calf tail and then form a thread small head.

	6.  Whip finish and apply a generous portion of head cement to head and base of wing.

        Erik Simpson, 03.07.08.