Black Stonefly Nymph by Cliff Schleusner

                              Fly Pattern: Black Stonefly Nymph 
	Tier's Name: Cliff Schleusner.       Email: (see roster)         
	Date: 3.07.08.                       Phone: (see roster)                           
	Fly Originator and History: Cliff Schleusner original.

                          How the Fly is Fished 
	Suggested line and leader: 9'leader with a 4' tippet.
	Depth: Along or near the  bottom in less than 10'feet of water.
	Suggested retrieved: Slow retrieve with occasional twitches. Can also be fished 
	with a dropper.                                 
	Comments: .When tied as black stone nymph, it probably fishes best in Eastern 
	Washington. This pattern can be also be tied as golden stone nymph and fishes 
	well locally.                                                        

                          Fly Material
	Hook make /size / length: Dai.710 or equilivant, size # 6-8 (6 preferred).
	Thread: size / color /type: 6.0 Unithread - Black. 
	Weighted? y/n :  Yes for rivers and no for lakes.
	Tail legs: material / size / color: Sili Legs - bared pump green.
	Body material / size / color: New Age Chenille, Black Peril, medium.
	Ribbing size / color: Black Vinyl Rib, medium.
	Thorax size / color: Black. Sub Seal dubbing.
	Wing or Hackle: size / color: None.
	Legs: Two pair of Sili Legs on thorax.
	Antennae: Two Sili Legs - bared pump green.
	Head size / color: Two black bead eyes, 25 mm.

                               Tying Steps
	1. Tie on eyes with thread in a figure eight over and under the eyes.
	2. Tie on a thread ball onto the hook at a point just above barb tip and then 
	tie on a pair of split tails the length of the shank extending behind the hook. 
	Then trim the tails as needed (see photo below).
	3. Tie on vinyl ribbing, cut about 3-4" long, and fold back out of the way. 
	4. Tie on the New Age Chenille, cut about 3-4" long, and fold back.
	5.  Build-up a thread under body along the length of the shank to just behind 
	the eyes.
	6. Wrap the chenille forward to the 1/3 mark, tie off and cut chenille.
	7. Wrap vinyl ribbing forward to the 1/3 mark over the chenille, tie off and cut. 

                             Placement of tails, legs, and antennae
	8. Tie on two pair of thorax legs the length of shank and trim as needed. 
	9. Tie on the antennae just in front of the eyes. Wrap the antennae forward 
	so they extend out in front of the fly and slightly separated.
	10. Spin the Sub Seal dubbing onto the thread, wrap around the thorax, over 
	and under the eyesand  around the antennae, and remove excess sub dubbing.
	11. Tie off thread behind the eyes, whip finish and glue.
           Erik Simpson, 03.011.08.