Beadhead Leech

April 2010

                                  Fly Pattern: Beadhead Leech

                Tyer's Name: Earl Hamilton			Email: (see roster)
                Date: April 5, 2010				Phone: (see roster)

    Fly Originator and History:  

                                       How the Fly is Fished
    Suggested line and leader: Sinking line, tapered leader, fluorocarbon tippet.   
    Depth range: Deep, just above the aquatic grasses.
    Suggested retrieve:  Leeches swim with an undulating, almost ribbon-like motion, 
    try to  emulate that as you retrieve the fly.
    Comments: This an easy fly to tie, and it is very effective on the water.

                                        Fly Material
    Hook make /size / length: #8, 2XL Nymph, Dai-Riki 730, or equivalent.
    Thread: size / color / type:  6/0 Black Uni Thread.
    Weighted? y/n: No.
    Tail material / size / color: Black marabou.
    Body material / color:  'New Age' chenille, black pearl. 
    Ribbing size / color:  --
    Thorax / color:  - -
    Hackle size / color:  --
    Head size / color:  Gold bead, 5/32"
    Other:  --				

                                        Tying Steps
    1. Place the bead on the hook.

    2. Wrap a thread base from behind the bead to the bend (just above the barb).

    3. Tail. The tail should be equal to the length of the shank. Tie in the tail 
    behind the bead, on top of the shank. Wrap it  back to the bend.

    4. Body. Strip about 1/8" of  material off of the chenille, exposing the core. 
    Tie in the core at the bend, and move the thread to the bead. Wrap the chenille 
    forward to the bead, and tie it down.

    5. Whip finish behind the bead, no head cement.

        Rick Shadforth 04/09/10