Balanced Leech

June, 2019

Balanced Leech by Luke Robbins

	                          Fly Pattern: Balanced Leech

		Tyer's Name: Luke Robbins
		Date: June3, 2019

                                Fly Materials
	Thread: Black 140dn (6/0).
	Hook: #8 Jig Hook - Umpqua C400BL or equivalent.
	Straight Pin: Cut off the tail-end of the pin.
	Gold Bead: Insert in pin with the large hole facing forward.
	Tail: Black/Blue barred marabou, or a color of your choice)
	Body: Black/Blue dubbing brush (or apply dubbing using a dubbing loop)
	Cement: Krazy Glue or equivalent. 
	NOTE: Loosley lash the beaded pin onto the top of the hook shank. Suspend
	      the hook through the eye with some fishing line. Slide the pin back 
	      and forth until the head tilts slightly downward. Then secure the pin 
	      to the shank,and apply cement.
		Rick Shadforth 06/27/19