Alec Jackson's Fancy Spade

Tied by John Gort at Lincoln Park February 9, 2008

Step-by-step instructions

Steps 1-3.

     1. Hook: TMC 7999, Alex Jackson's Daiichi 2051 size #3, or his 2055 
     #5 gold hook all with return tapered eye; a salmon hook.

     2. Thread: Bright red floss, 6.0. Tie thread on about half 
     way down the shank of the return eye. Tie on 3 wraps forward and 5-6 back. 
     Cut off the thread tag endand secure thread body with a half hitch (optional). 
     Wrap down the shank loosely to a point just above the tip of the hook. Then 
     wrap forward closely together to form a base for the tail.
     3. Tail: Select a small amount of light colored deer hair. 
     Clean and stack. Tie in the deer hair bundle on top of the hook and extending 
     just beyond the end of the hook. The tail bundle should be slightly smaller 
     than the size of a pencil. 

Step 4.

     4. Body: Tie on 6-7 strands of peacock hurl by the tips along 
     with a fine copperwire or silver wire all about 7-8 
     inches long. Twist the bundle 3 times to the left(as viewed from behind) 
     and wrap once around the hook. Then twist until the barbules stand 
     out at 90 degrees. Use weighted hackle pliers and continue to the wrap 
     forward about 6 turns to the 1/3 mark of the shank length and tie them down. 
     Lift the remaining fibers straight up and cut them off.

Step 5.

     5. Thorax: Tie on 6-7 strands of black or purple ostrich hurl by the 
     tips about 9-10 inches with a fine copper wire. Twist to make the barbules 
     stand out about 90 degrees. Use weighted hackle pliers to wrap forward to 
     the 2/3 mark to form a barrel shaped body and tie them down.  Lift the 
     remaining fibers straight up and cut them off.  Made a few raps forward. 
     Leave enough room for a wing and a head.

Steps 6-7. The Alec Jackson Fancy Spade.

     6. Hackle: Use light brown or gray pheasant hackle the length 
     of the shaft and leave a stem. Tie on the feather tip and use spit or water 
     to fold the fibers back before you make each wrap. Continue to make about 
     five wraps forward plus two wrap over the stem. 

     7. Head: You want to tie on a small sized bright red thread head. 
     Whip finish twice, side by side, cut the thread tag end and glue.	
                                                                Erik Simpson